Insulated bulk container Type 660 HD

20.02.2019 10:42

  • dimensions: 1230 x 1030 x 750 mm
  • closed bottom and smooth surface – easy to clean
  • with 2 skids
  • capacity: 630 litres
  • standard colour: beige oder blue, others available
  • weight: 60 kg (+/- 3%)
  • 4 drainage-holes possible
  • material: New HDPE-1A 
  • Insulation: PE-foam 
  • Engraving with customer-logo possible

Our double-wallled pallet containers were rotomoulded in Poland. They are produced without any ribbings to avoid bacteria. This makes the containers easy to clean. The combination of Polyethylen and Polyethylen-foam makes the containers extremly robust. If the containers get damaged, they can be easily repaired.

Due to the material composition, our insulated containers are completly recyclable. An important contribution to the conservation of our ressources!

suitable lids available:

The containers can also be used for the storage of trimmings e.g. Cat. 3! 

Actually we have 3 different tool shapes:

shape 1:  with the opportunity of one additional foot in the middle of the bottom to stabilize the container.

shape 1: without additonal foot:

shape 2: with rounded edges:

shape 3: wide middle bridge for usage of hand vehicles, opportunity of 3 additional feet to stabilize the container, level indicater inside the container