We offer an extensive range of standard wheels and castors as well as roll cages, dollies and stack frames for a fair price directly from the manufacturer. Do not hesitate to tell us your wishes for an individual or special design for the products. Call us, we take care of your degree. Hotline: 02952-9709580 -0

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Ensure that your operation is really rolling:
Wheels and castors, roll cages, collars and more

We offer high quality wheels and castors, heavy duty roll containers and other transport equipment made of synthetic material and metal for optimal logistical solutions in your business - at a fair price directly from the manufacturer. read more ...

Our wheels and casters, plastic roll container, transport scooters and other products we offer in standard sizes, we are happy to obtain it for you as well as special designs according to your wishes. You will find a large selection of wheels and tires, especially transport wheels for carts, in different designs.

With our quick search you can search for specific criteria, such as diameter, tread, and load bearing. Our wheels and rollers or casters are suitable for roll containers, trolleys, shopping carts, inflight trolleys, bins and more. For high load requirements, we recommend our Heavy Duty Casters, which we offer in various designs. Axes for our wheels and castors for waste container deepen our range. Our roll containers are available in different versions for all applications.

Whether. Than simple plastic roll plate in various colors, with side and rear walls, or as a portable anti-theft container We also carry accessories and nestable roll containers Metal containers of all sizes and dimensions. For safe storage and transport, we have several robust collars and metal boxes in our range.

For bargain hunters looking for a cheap roll containers, suitable roles or other transport solutions, it is recommended that every now and then take a look in our special section. Here you can find, while supplies last, ever-changing special items from overproduction and second-grade products.

Have questions about our product line, looking very specific wheels or rollers, or wish to inquire about a customized roll container? Then call us, we are happy to assist you personally! The resort is also easily accessible via our email contact form. Our catalogs to roll containers and Co. on our website, you can easily download as a PDF file. These are divided into the categories "wheels and rollers" and "transport equipment". The catalogs are extensively illustrated and provided with all relevant information.

Also ensures our bilingual version in English and German for optimum intelligibility for national and international customers.

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