Special Items

Swivel- and fixed Castors, 125 mm made of polypropylene

… only as long as stock lasts!

This is always worthwhile! Permanently changing special items due to overproduction or 2nd choice articles at unbeatable prices:

Swivel / fixed castors witch diameter 125 mm made of polypropylene, rollbearing, huge quantity on stock at absolute special reduced prices. We would like to make an offer for you on the basis of your enquired amount together with freight charges!!!

Rollcage 724 x 815 mm with 2 sides

2nd choice in different colours!!!

Rollcages made of synthetic material with:

1 piece rolling plate made of synthetic material for rollcages

Size: 724 x 815 mm

Material: HDPE

Remaining stock is available in gray RAL 7032 and red RAL 3000

Due to the strengthening of the rolling plate with flat bars a load-capacity of max. 500 kg can be reached.

2 pieces sides in RAL 3000 fiery red or RAL 6024 green

Size: 1450 x 790 mm or 1350 x 790 mm with kick case hanger to assure a fast assembling / dismantling of the good,

Execution of the good with a ø 22s round pipe orbiting.

Execution of the side:

4 x vertical flat bars
2 x horizontal flat bars, 15 x 3 mm
1 x crossway pipe ø 16 mm


Pallet Frames

Pallet essays, size 800 and 1200 m

Pallet frames in green or blue; size 1200 mm and 800 mm in small quantities on stock.

It has got slightly damages on the paintwork, that is the reason why it has got an absolutely reasonable price.