nestable metal rollcage, 725 x 880 mm, with 3 x metal base, "ANTI-THEFT", especially for euronorm boxes!

system number: N5730815CC1Z646
  • construction:
  • steel base and shelf with spring technique
    foldable to the backwall for nesting
  • with castors 125 mm with polymiade center, tread elastic-rubber,
    2 braked / 2 fixed castors
  • 2 side panels, 1 backwall, 1 door and 1 roof
    out of 22 mm surrounding round tube, construction out of 4 mm wire,
    mesh: 50 x 50 mm
  • surface: white zinc
nestable for optimal returning of rollcages
safe space by nesting
easy handling
lockable, for anti-theft-version,
internal dimensions especially for the accommodation of euronorm boxes,
performance also with plastic bases
plastic roof (for rain protection), possible

Technical specifications

500 kg
overall dimension:
ca. 725 x 880 x 1.885 mm
internal dimensions:
ca. 670 x 850 x 1.615 mm