rollcage with plastic base, type 682 x 815 mm, type 4-sided

system number: KB4B50101500HDS00101
  • construction:
  • plastic base out of high premium HDPE-material,
    dark blue similar RAL 5010
    with castors 108 mm polypropylene, 2 swivel / 2 fixed castors,
  • 2 side panels, 1 backwall and 1 foldable frontwall
    out of 19 surrounding tube,
  • surface: hot dip
clamp version of sides for fast assembling/unassembling,
surface hot dip for improved rust protection
plastic base 100% recyclable
easy assembling/unassembling
property marking on the plastic base via printing or security labels possible
fast assembling/unassembling
2 plastic shelves are possible
in our category "castors & wheels" you will find a wide
range of different types - surely also for your requirements!

Technical specifications

500 kg
overall dimension:
ca. 682 x 815 x 1.685 mm
internal dimensions:
ca. 620 x 735 x 1.495 mm