swivel castor, 100 mm with total brake

system number: TPP21WC100T6P2R1W
  • galvanized sheet steel housing, pivot bearing with a double ball race, screwing by plate with hole pattern 80/77 x 60 mm, housing with material strength 3.0 mm (fitting) and 2.5 mm (fork), clearance between the fork 42 mm, wheel rim made of a polypropylene core and inserted and dampening TPR ring with a tread made of polypropylene grey colored, hub width 40 mm, roller bearing, screwed wheel axle (incl. all axle material).
resistance to many chemicals
low roll resistance
temperature range from -20C to +60C

Technical specifications

160 Kg
wheel diameter
100 mm
plate 105 x 80 mm
hole pattern
80/77 x 60 mm
total height
128 mm
Wheel width
36 mm
bearing surface
polypropylene grey
Wheel center
polypropylene with TPR Ring red
hub width
40 mm
roller bearing
Axle screw
8 mm