thermo cover, for rollcage type 720 x 810 mm, usable height 1460 mm

system number: THA14609006
  • construction:
  • dimensions: ca. 735 x 820 x 1.475 mm
  • out of air cushion foil (3 mm), with alu metallised PES foil
    on one side with textile intensification
    thermoconductivity 0,0344 l [W/mK]
  • thermal resistance 0,09 R
  • k-value 11,46 k [W/mK]
  • both short sides equipped qith complete
    sewn zipper for complete opening
  • container would be able to be
    opened although the cover is on.
usable for short protection of cold- and heat products
for rollcage type 724 x 815 mm

Technical specifications